Shark Tank Pitch Guidance


The Pitch: Presentation Policies

Each student/student team (candidate) will have exactly 11 minutes in the

conference room with the judges, both for presenting their business pitch as well

as to listen and participate in the judges’ questions regarding the presentation.

Each candidate will have exactly 6 minutes of time to present his or her business

pitch to the judges.

The timekeeper will notify the candidate when his or her time begins, with 2‐

minutes remaining, 1‐minute remaining, and when the time limit is up he or she

will notify the candidate.

After the candidate has delivered his or her business pitch the timekeeper will

notify the judges that they will have exactly 5 minutes to ask the candidate

questions regarding the presentation.

The timekeeper will notify the candidate and the judges with 1 minute remaining

and when time has expired.

There will then be an additional 2‐minutes provided to the judges for

deliberation AFTER the candidate has left the room to help with scoring between

different presentations. The timekeeper will notify the judges of the 2‐minute


Timing will be very strict and not go over more than a few seconds of the 13‐

minute mark for transition.


1.      Cover Slide‐contains the business name, business logo, the student or students names. This slide should be customized for the business.

2.      Problem‐Clearly state the problem you are solving. Share your passion or pain related to the problem. Clearly share your passion.

3.      Solution‐ Clearly state your value proposition. Clearly state your solution.  What are you doing, for whom, and why. It’s not about your idea or product.  Clearly illustrate the customer benefit.

4.      Business model‐ What is your business structure? Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, LLC, Partnership. Share key areas from the Business Model Canvas. Share your business concept (the how). Show understanding of the business and its customers?

5.      Underlying Technology‐What technology, manufacturing, equipment is needed? Are you using it now? Briefly share how you will develop or address this need. Examples: online database, commercial kitchen, lawn equipment, Website, storefront, … . What do you need to produce your product or deliver your service?

6.      Marketing & Sales‐Discuss customer relations and customer segments. Talk about the market. Who will buy your product/service. Clearly identify who you will market to and how.

7.      Competition‐Clearly identify your competition and how you will overcome their presence in the market. Address feasibility of success. Offer industry perspective.

8.      Team‐Who is on your team? Key partners? Key people resources? Who are they? Yes, the teacher is a key people resource. Who else?

9.      Projections & Milestones‐Share a summary 1‐year proforma, key milestones, capital expenditures. This is the financial slide. How much “venture capital” award is needed and why. Why do they need the money? How are they going to use the money?

10. Status & Timeline‐What is the current status of your business: moving to revenue, have current sales? How will you act on the information shared in the projections and milestones slide? What will you do over the next four months in your business? Offer an action plan?

11. Exit Strategy‐Do you have an exit strategy? Briefly describe your intentions‐Close this business and move on to another class, continue through the summer and re‐evaluate, plan on taking Entrepreneurship 2 next year … . Are you launching for a summer job?

12. Summary and call to action‐Ask for funding. What actions will you take? What actions are needed from the jury? Share proof the company is ready to crawl and more. Close the deal?

Make the pitch succinct and to the point? There is much asked for in the above

descriptions. You do not need to cover every point. Address those points of each

slide that are most relevant to your business concept problem and solution.

Demonstrate that you are coachable entrepreneurs. Remember you only have 6

minutes to make your pitch.

The Business Canvas Model and the One‐Page Strategic Plan are provided for

reference as you prepare your pitch and slide deck.

The Pitch will be scored as follows:

Scoring (1‐5)

Business Concept (How)

Customer Benefit (Why)

Feasibility of Success/Intention (Launch for a summer job)

Shared/Demonstrated Passion

Pitch Considerations:

Who are they and why do they need the money? How are they going to use the


Did they offer an action plan?

Do they understand the business and its customers? Did they offer industry


Shark Tank Pitch Guidance 04/01/2014

The Entreprenurship Alliance 1

Look for proof the company is ready to crawl before it can walk. Are they

coachable entrepreneurs?

Did they identify the benefit?

Do they have passion?

Did they add the magic dust?

Did they close the deal? Was the pitch succinct and to the point?