“Some of the largest companies in America today started out as one person responding to an opportunity of an unmet need.”


Who Am I


1.      I started my business with 3 employees with the name MITS Altair (one of the first computers). I made only $16,005 during the first year.  Person or Company Name?  ______________


  1. We had an idea that there was a market for building materials and lawn and garden supplies. Today we have 1400 stores and over $53 billion in sales.  Hint:  I am the owner of the Falcons.  Person or Company Name? ______________


  1. I started my business by cooking for hungry travelers at a service station.  I used my $105 social security check to start the business.  (Hint:  I make the best fried chicken anywhere!)  Person or Company Name? ______________


  1. I bought the formula for this product for $2300 and within four years the product was being sold across the nation.  Today sales of this product exceed one billion per day.  Person or Company Name? ______________


  1. I wanted to offer photographic expertise and unparalleled quality at a competitive price.  I started in 1974 in Atlanta with nine stores.  Today I have 800 stores in 34 states.  Person or Company Name? ______________


  1. In 1946 I invested $10,600 of my savings and a loan and opened a tiny 24-hour restaurant.  Today I have a billion-dollar company with over 1000 restaurants in 35 states.  Forty percent of my business is in malls.  (Hint:  I invented a specialty sandwich)  Person or Company Name? ______________


  1. I patented the process of putting rivets in pants for strength.  I created the only garment in the 19th century that is still worn today.  Person or Company Name? ______________


  1. It all started with $100 I borrowed from a friend.  At the time (1907) Seattle’s growth was doubling but few homes had phones and cross-town communication often required a messenger.  Some policies are:  customer courtesy, reliability, round-the-clock service, and low rates.  These principles still guide this company today.  In more than 200 countries with nearly 150,000 vehicles, and some 600 planes what 30 billion dollar company am I?  _________


An entrepreneur is someone who ______, ________, and takes the ______ of a business venture.  Some entrepreneurs own small landscape services, while others own huge construction companies.  Their goal is to identify the ________ of the marketplace and to meet those needs by supplying a _________ or _________.


So what is the difference between an entrepreneur and an employee? ___________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________

The Definition of  an Entrepreneur



t is a person who comes up with a new 1_______ or 2__________ to take to consumers.  They 3________ and 4________ the risk of a business.  They 5_________ established products and services, or they create new ones.  The work to make a 6_______.



t is a person we revere or 7_______.  We 8_______ the person who ventures forth to try something 9_______ and that ends up 10_______ a lot of people.  An entrepreneur is one who 11_______, “There is a 12_______ way, and 13____  will find it.”  Being an entrepreneur means charging down a new 14_______, staying 15_______ to opportunities and taking risks to 16_______ the opportunity.  It also means having 17_______, 18_______, 19_________ and daring to try something new.  An entrepreneur is anyone with both an 20_______ and the 21__________ to take the idea to the marketplace.  22__________ and risk taking are two essential elements of entrepreneurship.


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Why do people become Entrepreneurs?  _____________________________________


1.      Successful entrepreneurs are _________________.  They want to make their own decision and do something they enjoy.


2.      Successful entrepreneurs are _________________.  They have confidence to make choices and decisions.


3.      Successful entrepreneurs have ______________ and ______________.  They persist through the hard long days to meet their goals.


4.      Successful entrepreneurs are _______________.  They know what they want and make a plan to get there.


5.      Successful entrepreneurs have a need to __________ and to set ________ standards. 


6.      Successful entrepreneurs are ____________.  Think of new ways to market their product or business and are always looking for new solutions to problems.


7.       Successful entrepreneurs are able to act _______________.  They are not afraid to make quick decisions when necessary, which helps them beat their competitors.


List 3 things you are good at                           List 3 ways you can make $$ at what you are good at: