Answers Key: Computer Ethics and Copyright Issues?  Right vs. Wrong


1.  How are plagiarism and sharing of music files alike?   Sharing music file that were created by an artist is very similar to plagiarism because that artist owns the rights to those songs, and by sharing them, you are preventing the sales of those songs.


2.  Which could be your penalty for violating a copyright law? Both Fines and Jail time.


3.  Is it a Federal law that established copyright rules?


4.  When does a copyright become active? As soon as you create something and write it down or save it some place.


5.  What are two of the rights that the copyright law provides a person? The ability to make as many copies as you wish and to give or sell copies of your work to anyone that you please.


6. Without copyright law, would you be likely to NOT SHARE your work with the world?


7.  Who else besides the artist are affected by the illegal sharing of music files or game CD's?  Besides the artist, the producers and all the people who helped in making the song are affected.


8. There are three things someone can steal from you: time, property, and reputation.  Give an example of a way that each of the three could be stolen electronically.  Someone could steal your time by taking forever to do something.  Then can steal your property by taking something of yours.  The can steal your reputation by spreading rumors or lies about you.


9.  If there were not copyright laws, would that limit people's incentive to be creative? YES


10.  What action must a person take to obtain a copyright for their work?  They must simply have done it in a fixed and tangible form of expression. For example: burned on a CD, recorded on a tape, written on paper, drawn on the computer, etc..  It can not just be in their mind.


11. If a creative work doesn't have a copyright notice it is not copyrighted? FALSE


12.  You "own" the software that you buy? FALSE Explain Why? It is truly NOT your work.  You own the plastic CD that it is burned on and the case or box it came in but not the actual game you are playing.  You are just allowed to use it for your own pleasure.  You can not change it and then sell it as your own.


13. Based on the following paragraph, if you own a picture that someone else painted, you now own the copyright to it.  FALSE


14. Educators and students can copy a fair amount of copyrighted material without permission of the author.  TRUE


15.  It is okay to share a song file you purchased with others as long as you don't charge a fee.  FALSE


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