See Directions at bottom of page

  1. Think of a new name for the club.   ___________________
  2. Write up biography of yourself.  (see handout)
  3. Answer the 20 questions about the Internet from the Internet article.
  4. Create 1 Friday morning commercial advertising the Crews Web site.
  5. Review 5 web sites and write 1 paragraph about each site (Rate the Site A, B, C, D, or U)
  6. Create 5 Survey questions for E-lluminator (listserv).
  7. Generate 10 questions to ask teachers to answer for an interview.
  8. Interview (collect data and picture) from 4 staff members we assign you.
  9. List or write what a typical day is like for you (starting when you wake till you go to sleep).
  10. Create 3 - 5 FAQ - (frequently asked questions) about Crews, web, or computers.
  11. Define 5 - 10 computer or web terms.
  12. Interview 3 students (not Web club member) about how they feel about Crews or web site.
  13. Re-type and create 3 newspaper articles into web pages.
  14. Create a game and or puzzle that would work on the web.
  15. Create a list of three things that are HOT and NOT (popular).
  16. Make a list of 2 or more tips for users of computers, or the web.
  17. Make at least 2 predictions about something (you may choose any topic).
  18. Find and review 3 - 5 appropriate games kids can play on the web. Also rate (A, B, C, D, U)
  19. Find 1 science, 1 math, 1 social studies, 1 language arts, or other good site to rate & review.
  20. Find 2 - 5 food related site.
  21. Think of 2 jokes or riddles that could be placed on the Crews Student section of the web.
  22. Each member must create one "icon" button for our student web site. (see Mr. Hames)
  23. Create a picture for your web page or another web page.  Must be your drawing.
The projects above can be completed and sent to me via e-mail.  First however, check with me or Mrs. Williams before you send them.
This year in the club we will be in charge of a new publication sent to student, parents, and anyone else who subscribes to The E-lluminator.  The large majority of the content of this publication will come from you.  For this reason, we will require the information above from each member.  Each club meeting you will be asked to turn in or work on some of these assigned projects during club meetings.
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